Leadership challenges in the 21st century

3rdGEN Consulting and Service Ltd. is the first and only third generation consulting company in Hungary. The members of our Consulting Community are exclusively top- and high- level leaders – experienced experts who have managed large organisations and have 10-15 years of experience in CXX leadership roles, including many who have gained in the international arena.

We believe that the expertise and experience of these leaders is priceless. We also believe that SMEs and their company leaders, as well as the middle- and top-level management of large companies need this knowledge in order to effectively face the challenges presented by the modern economic and business environment.

Our mission is to create value by making this almost inaccessible knowledge available to all leaders and companies.


Tools for increasing company profit

This what we are good and specialised at and what we like doing the most:

Strategy building

We do not just tell you how to increase your profits, we also guide you through the entire strategy building process, from start to finish. In fact, if you require, we can also be involved in its implementation. SWOT analysis, external environmental analysis, market conditions, corporate base strategy, growth strategy, customer segments, value propositions, sales and marketing channels, customer relations, core activities, key resources, key partners (including strategic partners), revenue sources, cost structure. And the outcome it is a detailed Corporate Strategy with a detailed implementation plan.

Survival scheme for SMEs

With 12.5 hours of invested work, our advisory team of experienced senior executives provides your company leaders with an accurate picture of the critical processes of the company, the external and internal dependencies, and the risks that lie behind its daily activities. Following the classification of the risks according to their impact and probability, the owner receives a thoroughly developed ACTION PLAN indicating the direction that can and should be taken in order to increase the company’s resilience in the short-term, in an almost immediately implementable manner.

Digital operation evaluation

Its aim is to assess the digital maturity of the company, to explore the digital options with the most impact, as a result of which we provide a digital heat map, a priority schedule for potential projects, while also determining the next steps to be taken in relation to them.

Professional and leadership mentoring for middle and top management, which is recommended in the following cases:

  1. difficult periods, tough decisions
  2. young or newly appointed leaders
  3. the leaders of organisations facing significant changes
  4. when seeking new (strategic) directions
  5. aggressive growth, or stagnating profits

Professional mentoring for B2B Sales people, which is recommended in the following cases:

  1. in case of new colleagues
  2. when the performance is below the target
  3. a significant transformation of the sales organisation
  4. when starting a new business branch

We are also happy to assist you in solving the following company/business issues/tasks:

  1. Auditing and development of sales systems and sales organisations
  2. High fluctuation, HR issues, HR audits
  3. Comprehensive financial due diligence, financial reorganisation
  4. Company valuation and acquisitions
  5. Review and establishment of holding structures
  6. Lean management, optimisation of manufacturing procedures, inventory management
  7. Generational change
  8. Development of agile organisational operations
  9. Establishment and operation of controlling systems

‘CXX Mentoring’ – the top of leadership development

We consider our leadership development methodology the most effective one in Hungary: our large consultant team of top-level leaders can develop not only the leadership skills (knowledge) of mentees but also their professional expertise.
This means that, if we want to develop a young financial Leader for the period of 3, 6 or 12 months, we assign such a 45-55 years old mentor who was the CFO of a company with a few billion HUF turnover or acted as CFO of a multinational organisation. The same is true in the case of a HR Leader, whom we assign such a mentor who has been the HR leader of a large multinational company. Due to the diversity of our team, we can provide mentors to any position in all types of industries.

The uniqueness of our methodology is based on the concept of SIMULTANEITY (i.e. depending on the needs of the Client) the mentored Leader develops professionally – receiving direct support in the daily leadership and decision-making tasks – as well as in the area of leadership skills.

In general, our special methodology applied in case of each project is based on the creation of Professional Boards involving 3+1 (four in total) CXX-level top leaders. These leaders assess the given issues and the situation of the company and determine the development directions. The project itself is carried out by one of the members of the Professional Board.


Time to act! ...

The world around is in constant change which happens faster and faster. Nowadays, we live in times when those businesses are successful which are capable of adapting to changes.
Adaptation is not easy because companies already have an internal structure which has been built over decades, including habits originating in the past, existing relationships and communication norms, established vendor channels, established product development and a traditional customer portfolio.

Are those companies capable of surviving and even growing when everything in their entire environment changes at the same time...?

We believe that in order to handle changes of this pace, the current knowledge and practice will not be enough! Highly experienced external consultants are needed who have already gone through similar turbulent periods during their career as a top leader. Organised in efficient groups of 4-5, these consultants can look at all operational areas of a company at the same time in order to identify the most efficient solutions.

We have been fluffing around our business until now, but the time of experts and professionals has come. We cannot delay it any more!